Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back East & The Rainforest

Well I told myself that I was going to be better about blogging. I say that then I think about writing something and feel totally overwhelmed but I guess I just have to start somewhere. So in April we went Back East. It was a blast! Troy and I visited Chicago, Greendale Wisconsin, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Carlisle PA and Washington D.C. Did I mention that it was a blast? We saw so many things and visited Amy's family and my parents on a mission (who are back as of July). 

Here is where the rainforest comes into play. As we all know, on the subway we can find God's choicest creations. It was such a time in DC with Amy's family on the subway that we found ourselves crammed up against a 6'5" transvestite. The subway was packed and we were all sweating our brains out. He was wearing a sleeveless dress, had make up, pumps, long hair and nail polish the whole sha-bang. I was trying not to stare but it was so consuming. Anyway it was so funny to watch peoples reactions as the realized that he in fact was a man. People were slowing taking a step back here and there from the tranny  taking away any extra room there was. It was then that Amy chimes up "It feels like a rainforest in my pants". Needless to say everyone took another step toward the tranny. Anyway, Enjoy a few pics.

 My Shmoops

Hancock Building Chicago

"It's a simple question doctor, would you eat the moon if it was made of ribs?"

 Millwaukee with the Folks



 Sister Sarah's grave in Maryland

Backyard BBQ

Liberty Bell

 Juni and Sean

Me and my sister Amy
I am just stating for the record that yes I was very pregnant. :)

A cute pic my sister Amy drew of me on the subway

 T-rizz and Juni

 Washington Monument

 Washington DC Zoo



Alex cooked us an awesome dinner


Amy June Bates said... was a rainforest in my pants...We had so much fun with you guys. I just can't believe that there was no Macy then, and now there definitely IS! Remember when I couldn't remember if Philidelphia was East or West on the Turnpike, so we ended up driving 20 miles the wrong direction before we could turn around, adding 40 miles to our trip. I just wanted to be with you longer. :)

Amy June Bates said...

Awesome photos of the city. By the way...

Ben and Heidi said...

Ha ha...loved this. Great pictures--and that is a classic story. Amy, Amy, Amy... Love you + miss you!