Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Veone & Faye

I was just sitting in my office today trying to think of ways to make the time go by faster. When I started to think about the significance of this week in past years. Troy's grandma Veone passed away this week 5 years ago, and it is my Grandma's birthday this week so I thought I would write a little about each of them.

My Grandma is as real of a person as you will ever know. She wears her emotion on her sleeve and is honest and real. I love her. My grandpa often tells us the story of my grandma driving by a East High School and some kids started throwing snowballs at her car. My little old Grandma put her car in park(in the middle of the intersection) and got out of her car and chased the kids away... So funny! I remember sitting for hours painting and doing ceramics with her. She was always so patient and creative. My grandparents still host big family parties, never forget any one's birthday and always have special, thoughtful gifts for every occasion. I am very grateful for her influence in my life. She inspires me to be more giving and appreciative of the small things.

Troy's grandma was one of the most truly Christ like people I have ever known. Veone always made me feel loved and welcomed me from the start. I don't think Veone ever came out and actually said that Troy was her favorite...but everyone knew it. Maybe it's the fact that she carried a wallet around with only his picture in it, or maybe it was the poached eggs and toast awaiting him whenever he would sleep over... There are too many ways to mention. This picture is of her and Troy hanging laundry on the clothes lines in her backyard. Troy is just a little guy in this picture and I love it so much. We miss her!

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