Monday, July 28, 2014

Fiesta Days Rodeo

We went to the rodeo last week. Honestly it was the highlight of my summer. Not because of the show they put on, or because of all the beautiful horses, which there were a lot of. But because it was different and exciting! I haven't been to rodeo in probably 8 years. Can I say it was a totally different experience with kids? My girls rock my world! Every once in a while you have a night that's just perfect! They were so elated by the whole experience! Their grins, purple cotton candy tongues and cowgirl boots just made me feel like I was  on a high. I am in love with my girls! Hey Troy even enjoyed himself! So it must have been a great night right? Avery had nervous/excited giggles almost constantly. We just made a new tradition.

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Ashton Tilton Barrett said...

I love y'all more than you realize. Love those two little punks so much!! Ahhh Avery in red cowgirl boots! I die!!