Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Team Lightning Shock

Lightning Shock is Macy's kickball team. Today was Macy's second practice. Macy was so excited to go the first week. Then when we got to the park she freaked. The only way I got her to play was holding her hand while she kicked the ball and kept holding while we ran the bases together. I was proud of her for doing it even though she was "a little nervous."

So today, the second practice Macy freaked out again once it was time for practice to start. She didn't want anything to do with it. About 10 minutes into the practice we got her to come around a little. We told her that we Avery would play. Macy was so bugged. We got Avery off the playground and sure enough Avery  wanted to. Avery got up there and kicked the ran to first. Macy was so irritated but she couldn't let Avery her baby sister do it and not her. Macy joined practice and did awesome! I was so proud of her!! She is amazing. I felt like I was on a high! I couldn't stop grinning. Not just because she did it but she was so happy and proud of herself she gave me a thumbs up every time she got to a base.

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